CoasterBuzz Podcast #207 - July 11, 2011

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posted by Jeff | Monday, July 11, 2011, 12:39 AM | comments: 0

Jeff, Mike and Gonch review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Roller coaster safety with Patrick Warburton (the guy who does the intro on Disney's Soarin', among other things).
  • Goofy's Sky School panned at Disney's California Adventure. Gonch suggests that people who enjoy something too much actually end up complaining more than enjoying.
  • Dania Beach Hurricane might get a new lease on life at Zoo Miami.
  • Movie news: Matterhorn and Transformers.
  • Legoland Florida announces schedule, will be closed a few days a week, with short hours.
  • Green Lantern opens up at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Discussion revolves around capacity.
  • Latest Walt Disney World rumor among the geeks is that the company wants to sell a stake in the parks. Doesn't make sense for an established park.
  • Baboon loose in New Jersey, Six Flags Great Adventure says they're not sure if it belongs to them. The headline writes its own jokes.
  • People busted for selling fake Cedar Point tickets. Happened in Gonch's shady neighborhood.
  • Worker dies despite fall protection on Magical Midway's Star Flyer.
  • Kennywood announces a holiday lighting event. Questionable given Pittsburgh winters, but a good idea if they can pull it off in the long term. Too mad Kings Island wasn't able to continue theirs.
  • Ouimet makes first comments as new Cedar Fair president at annual meeting. Jeff doesn't think we'll see impact from new leadership until next year.
  • Boy dies in or near Knoebels pool. No clear reason for death yet.
  • Family of girl who fell from Morey's Ferris wheel sues the park. The recurring theme: Should a park have to protect you from yourself? Mike points out flaws in height used to determine age and maturity measure.
  • Universal Orlando allegedly being sued for using an unlicensed font in Harry Potter merchandise.
  • FunSpot USA opens up its spinning mouse roller coaster from Cypress Gardens.
  • Quassy getting a lot of press for Wooden Warrior. The dynamics of those Timberliner trains probably contribute to the awesomeness.
  • Man without legs ejected from Ride of Steel at Darien Lake, died. Lots of questions about why he was allowed to ride something that restrains by the legs.
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