About the CoasterBuzz Podcast

What the heck is a podcast?

A podcast, at its most basic level, is just an audio recording. The sound in that recording is generally some kind of talk radio type show, with people talking about whatever it is that the show is about. The CoasterBuzz Podcast is a review of the big stories in the amusement industry, with commentary and special guests.

What the heck is a CoasterBuzz?

It's a web site founded in 2000 for roller coaster geeks and amusement and theme park enthusiasts. Even industry folk read it sometimes.

How do I get the CoasterBuzz Podcast?

Simply click the "download" link and save the file to your device, or use any number of apps or services by searching for "CoasterBuzz."

How much does the podcast cost?

Nothing, it's free! You get what you pay for.

Can I advertise on the CoasterBuzz Podcast?

Yes. We can accommodate both audio commercials and spoken endorsements. Please contact Jeff Putz at jeff@popw.com for more information.

Can I send the podcast to other people?

The podcast is copyrighted by POP World Media, LLC, and is intended for personal use only. It may not be redistributed or broadcast without the express written consent of POP World Media, LLC. Please refer friends to this site to download the podcast.