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CoasterBuzz Podcast #133 - February 9, 2009

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posted by Jeff | Monday, February 9, 2009, 7:22 PM | comments: 0

Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonchar takes a big Disney World trip for the first time since 2001. It's a lot more crowded than he remembers. Jeff maintains they still manage crowds extremely well.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge was so-so for value. Jeff and Gonch have differing opinions about the Magical Express and car rentals, due to very different experiences.
  • Does anyone just enjoy moments anymore, or is everyone too concerned with documenting the entire thing digitally, seeing the experience only through the lens?
  • Gonch missed out on the dining plan and paid dearly for it.
  • Aquariums are cool. Alton Towers is smart to build one.
  • Disney and new interactive experiences: Gonch's family does the Kim Possible missions.
  • Sally Corp. lets go of some people. What's with all dark rides being shooters?
  • Universal Orlando gets "free" time during Super Bowl, and the ad was terrible. Remember the workaholic ads?
  • With the ninth anniversary of CoasterBuzz, Jeff is wondering if anyone would come to a tenth anniversary party next January 30.
  • Ohio governor wants to extend school year, so what would that do to tourism and amusement parks?
  • Seasonal jobs in surprisingly high demand at parks everywhere. CP drops bonus program entirely.
  • Disney hurting because of crappy DVD sales, but the parks only take a 5% attendance hit.
  • Busch halts the Dubai project, but Jeff thinks it's part of the bigger cap ex freeze as everything is being audited and documented throughout the chain.
  • Has Small World been bastardized at Disneyland with characters?
  • The world needs more big Ferris wheels.
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