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CoasterBuzz Podcast #6 - October 31, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Monday, October 31, 2005, 8:09 PM | comments: 0

Jeff and Mike review news in the amusement industry, recorded at Cedar Point's Lighthouse Point.

  • Six Flags AstroWorld closes forever.
  • Hersheypark announces odd dark ride themed to extreme sports, candy and shooting stuff.
  • Michigan's Adventure will install Grand Rapids, and Intamin river rapids ride.
  • La Ronde is getting a B&M hyper, not surprisingly named Goliath.
  • Mt. Olympus is considering an indoor amusement park complete with a spinning roller coaster.
  • Cypress Gardens is looking forward to a big year, including the installation of the Starliner from Miracle Strip.
  • A Japanese store is irritating the neighbors with a rooftop half-pipe coaster.

CoasterBuzz Podcast #5 - October 24, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Monday, October 24, 2005, 11:55 AM | comments: 0

Jeff, Greg, Scott and Pat review news in the amusement industry.

  • A fake attraction announcement memo makes the rounds through Six Flags Great America and the media.
  • Kennywood sues West Mifflin for what they say is an unfair amusement tax targeted at the park. Our two Pittsburgh residents talk about the black hole of taxation.
  • Six Flags sets record date for vote to boot board members, and companies start reviewing the books to consider purchase of the chain.
  • Six Flags Over Texas will get ten new rides, presumably from the closing Six Flags Astroworld. Our panelists say the original Six Flags park is fabulous.
  • Liz Collier and David Hodgkinson join us from North One Television in London. They're producing a series for The Discovery Channel called "Building The Biggest," which will include an episode about the construction of wood roller coasters. We ask the producers how these shows get made.
  • Anyone that has Super-8 footage from amusement parks should contact the producers by way of Jeff to contribute to the show.

CoasterBuzz Podcast #4 - October 17, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Sunday, October 16, 2005, 11:58 PM | comments: 0

Jeff, Rob and Mike review a busy week of news in the amusement industry.

  • Six Flags starts to court suitors for its auction, but Dan Snyder isn't among them.
  • Local officials around Luna Park head off legal trouble for the park regarding noise complaints. Finally, supporting a vital local business.
  • Paramount's Kings Dominion announces Italian Job Stunt Coaster. The trend toward quality family attractions continues.
  • Michigan's Adventure finally settles dispute with local government to get city water service to the park. What's next? Campground and resort facilities? A year-round indoor water park and hotel?
  • Cedar Point's White Water Landing is just days away from its demise. The classic ride will be missed.
  • Faulty brakes are cited in the California Screamin' accident at Disney's California Adventure. Chalk this one up to "stuff happens?"

CoasterBuzz Podcast #2 Video - October 3, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Thursday, October 13, 2005, 3:29 AM | comments: 0

In this special video version of our October 3 podcast, see Holiday World's president and general manager Will Koch talk about the development of his park.

This video clip requires QuickTime 7, which is also included in iTunes 6.

CoasterBuzz Podcast #3 - October 10, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Sunday, October 9, 2005, 4:01 PM | comments: 0

This week, Jeff, Pat, Mike and Scott contemplate a slow news week.

  • Dan Snyder and Red Zone dis Six Flags icon Mr. Six, and other assorted stabs in the continuing takeover bid.
  • B&M track arrives for alleged Six Flags Magic Mountain flying coaster.
  • Great Wolf sells a portion of its resorts. A normal hotel industry move or lack of confidence?
  • Michael Eisner parts with the Disney board entirely. What's he up to?

CoasterBuzz Podcast #2 - October 3, 2005

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posted by Jeff | Sunday, October 2, 2005, 10:58 PM | comments: 0

Recorded in front of a live studio audience at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, this is the second episode of the CoasterBuzz Podcast. This week, Jeff, Rob, Mike and Scott are joined by Holiday World President and General Manager Will Koch.

  • Eisner's time at Disney is up. Was he good or bad for the company?
  • Cedar Point considers lowering admission rates.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure announces El Toro.
  • Six Flags New Orleans faces an uncertain future.
  • Will talks up The Voyage, sets an ambitious attendance goal, explains the marketing strategy and describes the benefits of being a park in a rural area.